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Tehachapi Youth Football & Cheer Policies & Frequently Asked Questions

Published by Jenifer Michael
Mar 22, 2022
Rod Michael
Brian Villanueva
Chris Bowman
Danny Roach
Morgan Schulz

Rod Michael

Jenette Buentiempo

Director of Off Field Operations: Jenn Michael & Megan Bowman
Director of Cheer: Jenette Buentiempo
Board Secretary: Jolene Jones
Head Field Medic: Shell Pina
Sponsorship Lead: Mallory Martinez
Fundraising Lead: Elisha Villanueva
Snack Bar Lead: Pending
Fan Merch: Lanora Archuleta
Soup Night Coordinator: Ashley Line

Thank you for your interest in Tehachapi Youth Football & Cheer!  We are a non-profit organization with over 40 years of serving the athletes of Tehachapi.

Following registration, you will be contacted by your division level team mom/coach regarding practice times and team/parent meetings.

We always strive for a smooth season, however if you have any concerns, please first take them to your division level team mom.  If the mom cannot address your concerns, it will be taken to your head coach.  From there, if the issue is still not resolved/answered, the subject will be addressed by our Board of Directors and/or the GEYF representative.  

Football:  Payments are asked to be paid IN FULL on the date of registration.  If payment arrangements are established, registration must be completely paid prior to equipment pick up.  Football players not paid prior to equipment pick up will not be permitted to get their equipment and subsequently will be behind in helmet/pad time.  If full payment is not possible at time of registration, please ask about our payment arrangements. 

Cheer:  As with football, cheer registration should be paid IN FULL at time of registration, but no later than the date that uniforms are fitted and ordered.  If full payment is not possible at time of registration, please ask about our payment arrangements.

IF YOUR ATHLETE QUITS or is cut/dropped from the team (before equipment pick up for football or before ordering uniforms for cheer), you will be issued a refund, less $25.00 for handling fees.  If your athlete quits after equipment has been dispersed or cheer uniforms have been ordered, a refund will not be issued.
*All prices and drop dates are subject to change.

Volunteer Fee:  Every athlete/registration is obligated to work 2 hours within the concession stand.  There is a mandatory $50.00 check deposit.  If your family completes their volunteer time within the concession stand, your check will be marked VOID and SHREDDED.  Otherwise, your check will be deposited at the end of the season.  

Cheer: Uniform fees & practice package additional to registration fee. Please refer to cheer director for specific pricing.

Football:  Practice attire, socks, cleats and a protective sports cup are to be purchased by each athlete and is separate from registration fee.

Camp:  May or may not be optional, prices vary.

Football: Each team is permitted to carry up to 35 athletes per league rules, however it is the head coach's decision how many players make the team.  Players are evaluated each time they are present on the field.  Each player will receive an individual letter of "welcome or regrets" prior to date of equipment distribution.  

Cheer: Cheer is permitted to carry 80 cheerleaders for our Tehachapi team.  Following 80 registrations, those will fall to a wait list.

Practices are determined by local temperature and AQI.  Your team mom/coach will inform you if practice is modified or cancelled.  

Mountain thunderstorms are a common occurrence.  On days where lightening is a possibility, please be prepared for practices to be cancelled abruptly if coaches deem it unsafe to continue.
Please keep in mind football will ONLY BE CANCELLED for lightening.  Football is a sport played in cold, wind, rain and snow.

Practice: Please keep in mind that ONLY COACHES and TYFC STAFF are allowed on the field during practice.  If you have a concern, please contact team mom or speak with your head coach before or after practice.  We take tremendous pride in our facilities, so please remind siblings and other guests to treat the property with respect.  

Game Day: ONLY coaches, TYFC staff and those appointed to the chain gang, 10 play, photographer is permitted on the field.  If your child may be injured during a game, please refrain from entering the field unless asked to do so by a staff member or the field medic.  

PLEASE NOTE: Heckling referees and/or coaches will not be tolerated, and the offender is subject to removal, possibly for the remainder of the season.

Tehachapi prides itself on the conduct of its athletes and its families.  If you have a TYFC or GEYF related concern, please follow aforementioned CHAIN OF COMMAND to address the issue.  Derogatory remarks of other athletes, coaches, staff and either TYFC or GEYF as a whole will not be tolerated, whether in affiliated groups or on personal social media sites and will be subject to removal of the offender AS WELL AS THEIR ATHLETE for the remainder of the season.

Athletes are not permitted to wear jewelry, nail color, or hair color(s) during any practice or games.  This standard may be modified with athletes participating in cheerleading for games and/or special events.

The Tomahawks are the ONLY team in GEYF that is fortunate enough to have their own fields and facilities!  With this luxury also comes a large financial and time commitment.  Every year we seek sponsorships from our community in order to help pay for the cost of field maintenance, safety equipment and any other operating costs that may incur during the season.  If you own a business that may be interested in a sponsorship/advertising opportunity, please refer to sponsorship within this app or contact your team mom regarding sponsorship information.

We also have various fundraisers throughout the season.  We ask that every athlete participate, as it is these fundraisers that help keep our registration and other costs to a minimum.  

Each year the Tomahawks put out new merchandise that is available to purchase online or in the concession stand.  Purchasing these items not only puts money back into the program, but also shows a united organization when we wear our gear on game days.  Online orders will likely be offered twice during the season.  This provides opportunity to secure the design and sizes you desire.  Items will be available to purchase through the concession stand during game days.  

If you have any questions that are not covered here, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].  

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